NOLS Custom Education student on a Robertson Scholars Leadership Expedition grins while canyoneering in Utah.
Camera Eric Page

People of Color Canyonlands Backpacking

Join this affinity group expedition to expand your outdoor skills, enjoy the canyons, and learn new leadership techniques with other self-identified people of color. Explore the rich natural and human history of the Utah Canyons while sleeping under the stars, cooking delicious meals on a camp stove, and learning from each other. Engage in changing the narrative around who is a leader in the outdoors, learn ways to foster diversity and empowerment of BIPOC in outdoor spaces, and spend time supporting each other and building community with your peers. If you’re a current outdoor enthusiast looking to enhance your leadership skills or if you are brand new to backpacking and interested in learning more about spending time in the wilderness, this might be the course for you.

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