The snow dusted peak of Aconcagua, highest peak in the Andes mountain range and the Americas (Mendoza Province, Argentina).
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Mountaineering on Argentina's Aconcagua - Alumni


23 days


18+ yrs



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At 22,347', Aconcagua is the tallest mountain outside of Asia and the tallest in South America. These distinctions make it one of the "Seven Summits" - The highest peaks on each continent. The mountain is a bucket list climb for avid peak baggers and considered to be a reasonable goal for anyone who is in great physical shape and has the desire to climb at altitude.

NOLS has a long history with Aconcagua but does not currently run regular trips on the mountain. This expedition will not occur every year and is a special offering for those that are able to carve out time in their schedule to climb with NOLS.

If walking up big mountains is in your wheelhouse, this could be the right trip for you. Participants who are excited to train rigorously, be in top shape, and work hard for a month with big packs on your back will greatly enjoy this trip. If you are looking for a comfortable trip up a tall mountain, this is not the trip for you, Kilimanjaro might be more your style.


Overall Difficulty*:

*For many of the days you will be carrying a heavy mountaineering pack, your strength will determine your success.

Course Dates

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Nov 27 - Dec 18, 2024

tentative dates for 2024