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Exploring the Himalays in Nepal is a dream of most mountain travelers so come along with NOLS as we embark on one of Nepal's classic treks.

The Manaslu circuit is a bit harder to get to and is a permit restricted area so thus less traveled than other Nepal routes, but no less spectacular. We have chosen this route to avoid the crowds on some longer established routes. Starting at a mere 2,300 feet the trek climbs up to Larke-La pass at almost 17,000 feet over 10 days of trekking. In total you will spend 12 nights in traditional Tea Houses along the route eating and sleeping in a style that has been common in this region for hundreds of years. Local Nepali food is typically a highlight for anyone who stays in Tea Houses, but variations of basic western cuisine can typically be found as well.

Manaslu is the 8th tallest mountain in the world and the focal point of this backpacking trip. November brings crisp and clear skies for soaking in the majesty and size of the massif as you walk along the trails connect villages with ancient roots on this trade route. The trails that we will travel are well marked and well defined, but the hiking itself will be demanding. 

This trip is focused on the backcountry beauty of the Himalayas but does include some time in a couple of major cities in Nepal for cultural sightseeing and even a cooking class!

Overall Difficulty*:

*You will carry a 25-35 lb pack and hike into high elevations.

Course Dates

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Oct 17 - Nov 1, 2024

Includes pre- and post trip lodging in Kathmandu