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Backpacking Alaska's Kesugi Ridge - Alumni


7 days


18+ yrs



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Join NOLS on our first pure Alumni backpacking expedition in Alaska!

**We have shifted this trip from our originally advertised trip due to permitting. This trip will no longer be in Denali National Park, but close by in Denali State Park**

This trip explores a part of Denali State Park that most visitors overlook for its more famous National Park cousin across the road. The Kesugi Ridge trail is a spectacular walk along an alpine ridge with views of Denali and its sprawling valley's and glaciers. This area is typically known for Denali, its primary peak, but the park is an incredibly diverse ecosystem with forests, tundra, glaciers, and bare alpine rock. You willl get to explore some of this system in a week of backpacking where lower elevations allow the presence of far more life and biodiversity than the high alpine for which the park is commonly known.

There are no facilities in the backcountry of this park so you will be reliant on bringing everything with you. Tents, sleeping systems, cook systems, and food will all be packed into your bag and carried for the duration of the trip. The advantage of this trip with a group is some of the burden is spread out amongst your peers helping to share the load and travel futher each day.

This is a new route for NOLS and we are excited to explore it with a small group of our Alumni. There will invariably be wrinkles in the plan that everyone will have to adapt to, true expedition style. We believe that a certain level of uncertainty is one of the highlights of a NOLS expeidtion as everyone will learn and adapt together.

For 6 nights you will sleep out of doors under a bit of midnight sun. Nights are short at this lattitude during the summer but when darkness comes, the stars are incredible. Days will be spent on the trails through the park, enjoying conversations with fellow NOLSies and soaking in the spectacular wilderness around you.

If you want to get back to the basics of a traditional backpacking trip in an incredible locale, this is the trip for you.



*Full backpacks make this trip hard, but we'll keep the elevation changes and mileage low.

Course Dates

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Jul 30 - Aug 5, 2023

Incredible views of Denali!