Backpacking in Brazil's Chapada Diamantina National Park - Alumni


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The Chapada Diamantina National Park is a destination where nature, history and culture coexist harmoniously. While this region is popular with international visitors you will be visiting parts of the park that are much harder to access. This trip was chosen by NOLS' Brazilian Instructors to be our first Alumni trip in Brazil because of its incredible diversity and unmatched beauty. Quite literally, it is the spot in Brazil that our local staff want to exhibit and display to our International NOLS community.

Perfect for a NOLS experience, the key to appreciating a park like Chapada Diamantina is the education that will familiarize you with its importance and integration between human settlements and nature.

The region is the meeting point for 3 unique and distinct Biomes (Caatinga, Atlantic Forest and Cerrado) the first two are endemic to Brazil and the third is the most biodiverse Savanna in the world. It is the confluence of these 3 biomes that makes this particular spot special and the protected status that allows you to visit and understand that area.

Geologically, Chapada Diamantina is characterized by vast plateaus, ravines, and breathtaking waterfalls. You will get to see and visit each of these distinct features during your time in the park as you backpack through some of the remote areas.

The people of Chapada Diamantina are the synthesis of the history of Brazil, being a mixture of enslaved and indigenous peoples and influenced by Europeans, the result of this is a vibrant culture that translates into music, dance and traditional cuisine. Your visit to the park will include staying in a small village that embodies these things and has established education of this past as an economic driver for local tourism. Far from simply dropping into a rural community, your visit supports the economy while asking for their engagement in education.

Come along with NOLS to experience Chapada Diamantina's unique geology, special culture or biodiversity, in an intimate and immersive experience in this region of Brazil.



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Sep 22 - Oct 4, 2024

Pre and post trip lodging in Salvador provided