Sea Kayaking Baja Mexico's Bahia Concepcion - Alumni


6 days


18+ yrs



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Come to NOLS Mexico for incredible exploration of one of Baja's top natural treasures, the Bay of Concepcion! Paddling the Bay will give you a unique perspective into the intersection of desert and ocean, visiting and observing the vast wildlife that calls this zone home. You will spend time understanding the natural history of the area while enjoying the warm(ish) water and sunshine that Baja is known for.

The warm water environment is perfect for kayakers of any level to learn and build sea kayaking skills. Our professional staff love meeting paddlers at their level and working hard to build proficiency at whatever extent you desire. It isn't hard to learn how to kayak, but it is hard to truly master it.

Each day will be an exploration of the Bay via kayak or on foot. Day hikes and paddles will engage with the deep history of the area while constantly sharing its treasures and exploring its natural beauty. Commonly seen as a desolate landscape, the desert here is full of life and zone where the ocean and land meet is a vibrant ecosystem to be understood.

This is a great trip for anyone looking for a winter escape and an ocean vacation. Be warned though, Baja has a certain magic to it and once you have experienced the place, it is hard to leave.

Overall Difficulty*:

*This trip involves lots of time in kayaks and desert camping.

Course Dates

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Nov 17 - 23, 2024