Backpacking below Mt Blanc, one of Italy's many storied peaks.
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Backpacking Italy's Haute Route Glacier


8 days


18+ yrs


$3,495 to $3,695

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NOLS has been exploring the mountains of Italy for many years now and this Haute Route Glacier is the newest addition to our ever-growing repertoire of trips. This trip is not for everyone as it does involve some steep climbs, a few airy trails with exposure, and plenty of elevation. For those looking for a classic Alps experience, this definitely will check that box.

The route strings together an incredible cadre of Rifugi (backcountry huts) allowing you to keep your pack light while still sleeping in comfort and eating outstanding meals. The rooms are dormitory style with bunk beds and shared bathrooms, but are comfortable, clean, and don't require you do carry any bedding! One of the great aspects of traveling through the mountains in this style is the ongoing interactions with a wide variety of other kindred mountain travelers both in the Rifugi and on the trails.

Rifugio based hiking allows lighter packs and most folks carry only around 25 lbs. This is a highlight for all bodies, but it also allows for robust route selection, read the daily description and know that there will be some longer days that require training to accomplish with good style.

Intentionally avoiding the bulk of well-known routes you can expect to meet mostly regional tourists and visit less overrun locations while still appreciating the stunning beauty of the region. This is a great follow up trip for those who have already hiked with NOLS in Italy or could be an incredible introduction to the Alps for a first timer. Let NOLS take the guesswork out of planning and join us on this route while immersing yourself in the natural beauty of the Alps and the cultural richness of Italy.

As always on NOLS Alumni Trips, we would love to have non-Alumni family and friends along as guests.

Overall Difficulty*:

*Staying in huts means cultural interaction, bunks, cooked meals and light packs but the hiking can still be long and a few days will be long.

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Aug 21 - 29, 2024

Alta Via dei Ghiacciai


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Aug 20 - 28, 2025

Alta Via dei Ghiacciai