Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can go on an alumni trip?

    These trips are open to any NOLS Alumni. NOLS Alumni can also bring guests along with them, we do not limit the number of guests that an Alumni can bring.

  • Where do you go?

    We are proud of the wide breadth of location offerings and always expanding more. Alumni Trips take place in the U.S. and in many other countries around the world. Some trips are based our of our NOLS campuses but others travel fast and light operating in countries where NOLS doesn't have an established physical location.

  • What kinds of trips are these?

    Alumni trips cover a variety of activities, skills, and locations. Some of them are highly technical, others are focused on skills development, and others are simply focused on enjoying and exploring a new place.

  • Are there age limits?

    Some courses have minimum age limits, which you can view on each trip page.

  • How difficult are these trips?

    Trips vary in difficulty. Each trip page has a scale indicating relative difficulty. But if you have questions or concerns about a trip, please just ask!