Building Technical Skills

Gaining confidence in your technical skills is empowering. Leading a team in the backcountry lays the groundwork for stepping forward to take on leadership roles on your next outdoor adventure—and beyond.

Challenge & Expand Your Thinking

A women’s expedition opens up space for meaningful conversations with peers who share an aspect of your identity, but may have different lived experiences. It’s an opportunity to engage with what it means to show up as a woman leading outdoors.


Sharing our individual strengths and vulnerabilities in a non-competitive, non-judgmental setting brought us together...We spent our days climbing, gaining strength and prowess on the rock. In turn, our confidence and sense of empowerment grew.

Liz Johnson Women’s Southwest Rock Climbing - Prime Grad

Find Your Community

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People of Color

Explore, learn, and build community in the wilderness with peers who self-identify as People of Color.


Use your AmeriCorps education award to explore the world on a NOLS course.
Students pause while mountaineering at to watch the sunrise.


You’ve dedicated your life to service. A NOLS course can honor your experience and create opportunities to take your skills to new heights.
Four girls pose on a mountain slope in the Pacific Northwest while backpacking.

Girls (Ages 14 & 15)

You’re looking for adventure. Join a group of motivated teens to build your self-confidence and learn to lead in the outdoors.
Rainbow in Alaska's Talkeetna Mountains with cluster of NOLS tents nearby.


Explore the wilderness in a queer-positive community. Develop your outdoor and leadership skills with peers who self-identify as LGBTQ+.