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Why Risk Management Training?

Step forward in the industry by actively managing the risks to you and your team, or to your organization. Risk management planning is critical for any outdoor enthusiast or any organization taking people into remote environments, whether close to home or across the globe.

Learn through experiential, classroom trainings how to identify hazards and manage risk in the outdoors, how to build a comprehensive risk management plan for your program, or let us design a custom training to meet your needs.

A course participant lowers themselves into a canyon while canyoneering in Utah.


Our Training Options

Risk Management Training for Outdoor Professionals

Learn a framework for designing administrative risk management systems that meet the unique needs of your program.

Students jump into the sunset after a long day hiking.


Risk Management for Outdoor Enthusiasts & Trip Leaders

Learn decision making and trip planning principles to help you identify and manage risk in wilderness settings.


Crisis Response Training

Learn crisis management concepts and help train your staff on your emergency and crisis protocols.

Naval Academy students on a NOLS Custom Education course prepare for a day of mountaineering in Alaska.



Custom Training

Enhance staff performance through customized risk management training for your team.

Students consult a map while sitting on a rocky ridge surrounded by snowy peaks in the rugged North Cascades.