Gap Year with NOLS

Gap year with NOLS

A gap year is the perfect way to empower yourself, gain focus, and seek exciting and valuable experiences.


A NOLS gap year is a unique experience where you’ll get hands-on leadership practice through a wilderness expedition. You’ll finish your gap year well-prepared to take on whatever challenges life throws your way in college, your career, and beyond.


On a NOLS gap year, you can:


  • Gain Leadership Skills: Communication, conflict resolution, and judgment and decision-making are a sampling of the skills that will serve you as you head off to campus.
  • Learn Wilderness Medicine Skills: Learn wilderness medicine skills that are essential in the backcountry and invaluable in the frontcountry. Gain the confidence of being prepared to assess and manage an emergency.
  • Develop Risk Management Skills: Develop your risk management skills by learning to identify and mitigate risk, a skill transferable to the rest of your life.
  • Master Outdoor Skills: No experience necessary—learn extensive outdoors skills and excel on all your future adventures.
  • See the World: Develop all these skills for success in some of the most awe-inspiring locations in the world.
  • Earn Academic Credit: Earn academic credit in biology, environmental studies, leadership, risk assessment, cultural studies and more. Many students attest to discovering direction for their future while on their NOLS course.
  • Financial Aid: NOLS offers $1.7 million in scholarships each year to help defray the commitment of tuition.


Whether you take a NOLS course as all or part of your gap year, you’ll have a valuable and unique experience that will give you the skills and focus to succeed wherever your next steps take you.


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“My NOLS Semester in the Rockies was a highly valuable aspect of my gap year because it gave me strength and skills that I need to excel in college and life.”

-Lyda Langford

Spring Semester in the Rockies 2013 Grad