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About the expedition

Embark upon a quest for self-discovery on an epic eight-day backpacking or canoeing adventure in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. We hope that this next step will be both exciting and meaningful, and that camp will continue to be a place where you foster friendships, learn new skills, and grow as a leader. This year, accountability for trip tasks such as campsite set-up, meal preparation, and daily navigation are passed onto campers and the Leader of the Day will have increased responsibilities. Leadership workshops will occur on trip and this level uses the trip itself to bring out themes of well-being and managing adversity.

The challenges you'll meet on trip aren't too different from the ones you'll encounter in life. Wilderness trips help you to put things in perspective and reflect on all the options and consequences you have available. They teach you perseverance, trust, and an immense respect for nature. Knowing that you can survive in the outdoors for several days is an extremely powerful and humbling experience. 

Just like last time you attended camp, you will choose four separate personal challenges that you would like to take on back at home. We call these "Constructive Actions" and they are a crucial aspect of the Youth Leadership Program. You'll have lots of time and support from your instructors in planning for these challenges, and you'll have the entire year to accomplish them. 

When you return home after camp, we hope that you'll feel more confident in yourself, more skilled in your leadership abilities, and have memories that will stay with you forever. 


2018 Dates

THCF Session Dates Aug 22 - August 31, 2018
Course Location NOLS Northeast 
Activity Backpacking or Canoeing
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Canoeing Documents  Course Description 
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