The Phillips Exeter Academy

Credit: Brian Hensien

Phillips Exeter Leadership Expedition

The Leadership Expedition for students of the Phillips Exeter Academy is a nine day backpacking adventure with NOLS. On this expedition, students will learn to travel in the wilderness using Leave No Trace camping and travel skills. Students will have the opportunity to further develop their leadership and teamwork skills while traveling through the backcountry with their peers, a school teacher, and NOLS instructors.

The students will learn the outdoor and leadership skills necessary to lead their peers as they take turns being leaders of the day and taking part in the decision-making processes on trail and in camp.  As students' knowledge, expertise, and abilities increase, the students will take on increasing levels of personal and team responsibility for the technical and interpersonal aspects of the course. Back home, this outdoor experience will challenge students to be stronger leaders and better role models for their peers.


The Phillips Exeter Wilderness Expedition (PEWE)

Backpack Expedition

Course Dates: March 8 - 16, 2020
Course Location: Southeastern Utah canyons

Travel information:

  • Coordinated by the Phillips Exeter Academy and families

  • March 7, 2020 students travel to Salt Lake City, Utah

  • March 16, 2020 students travel from Salt Lake City, Utah on red-eye flights that evening

For more information contact:
NOLS Custom Education
800-710-6657 ext. 2720