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NOLS Southwest

Credit: Jared Steinman

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Explore the vast and beautiful landscapes of the American Southwest. Saguaro cactus on the horizon, hidden caves and canyons, lush river corridors, and granite domes are calling. At NOLS Southwest, you can explore a remote and stunning part of the United States. You might find yourself rock climbing, backpacking, caving, or canoeing. You will discover that life is remarkably abundant and diverse in the winding canyons, rugged mountain ranges, and surrounding desert. It’s a land that naturalist Aldo Leopold called “near to being the cream of creation.” As you move through this painted landscape, you’ll encounter the area’s rich human history, uncovering ancient cliff dwellings, potsherds and rock art, along with ruins of more recent human settlement. Whether you’re looking for the quiet of the desert or the roaring of a river, NOLS Southwest has an experience to help you push your limits and discover your potential as a leader.

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2751 North Soldier Trail
Tucson, AZ 85749