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This 30-day expedition for practicing and aspiring outdoor educators combines the skills of wilderness backpacking with northern whitewater canoeing in Canada's Yukon Territory. A remote Yukon mountain range is the perfect classroom for developing the skills of the backcountry professional. You'll find an abundance of mountain wildlife amidst the alpine wildflowers and chest-high forests of dwarf birch and willow. While learning the hiking and camping skills needed to manage groups in the remote backcountry, you'll also spend time on technical canoeing skills, teaching techniques, and river rescue concepts. After a month in the rugged mountains and on the river, you'll have a powerful set of water and mountain skills for future professional and personal adventures in the backcountry.

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Designed for those currently working in, studying or planning to enter the field of outdoor education.

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“I left the wilderness smelly and craving skittles, but feeling a lot better about where I am in life and where I want to go. I felt focused and motivated, no longer held back by complacency and fear. I was able to clarify my goals and professional path.”

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