Students have fun paddling on a flat water section of the Nisutlin River in the Yukon.
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Yukon Backpacking and Wilderness Canoe


30 days


16+ yrs



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Take full advantage of the remote Yukon wilderness on this self-supported 30-day expedition. This course is perfect for students wanting to develop two distinct skills—hiking and canoeing—be out for a month without re-supply, and get the quintessential Yukon experience. With the diverse, captivating terrain, you’ll be able to focus on developing the skills to lead your peers in small groups. With all of your supplies for the month packed into a canoe, you’ll experience true expedition river travel with weeklong backpacking loops that provide incredible views of the wild Yukon peaks and spectacular ridge walks. You may even catch a glimpse of mountain goats or caribou or get to experience the world-class fly-fishing. After this combo course, you’ll come home an excellent camper and leader with an unparalleled appreciation for Canada’s history and environment.

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