A student holds up a paddle while sea kayaking at sunset in Scandinavia.
Camera Lydia Daniels

Women's Scandinavia Sea Kayaking - Adult


14 days


23+ yrs



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Explore beyond the Arctic Circle

Find new challenges and community on this sea kayaking expedition for self-identified women. You’ll paddle Norway’s ocean fjords and tiny islands, starting with the basics and moving to more advanced skills. Smell the salt of the ocean as you check the wind for the day’s trip. Walk along coastal tide pools and study their ecology in the Arctic twilight. Spend your days paddling hard and your evenings savoring meals cooked on a camp stove. As you explore the coasts of Norway, you’ll focus on skills like paddle technique, self-rescue, and minimum-impact camping.

As you grow in your wilderness skills, you’ll also focus on leadership—skills like communication, tolerance for adversity, and decision making. Leadership won’t just be a discussion topic—you’ll practice it every day as you and your group work together to meet your goals. Navigating your boat in challenging weather becomes a lesson in decision making, while working through group dynamics becomes a lesson in communications styles. This course is your opportunity to gain self-awareness about your leadership style and exercise it with a group of your peers. In the end, you’ll bring home leadership skills and experience, memories of a unique place you’ll treasure, and the ability to continue exploring on your own sea kayaking trips. 

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