A student on a hill looks off at a lake in the distance while backpacking in Scandinavia.
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Scandinavian Backpacking


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Explore beyond the Arctic Circle

Find new challenges in the Scandes Mountains. On this course, head north of the Arctic Circle to backpack in some of the most rugged landscapes in Europe. Climb high passes and walk along glacier-carved fjords in 24-hour daylight. Learn about the area’s ecology as you cross wide snow fields, alpine tundra, and lush valleys. As you travel, you’ll also learn about the area’s human history and may meet members of the indigenous Sami community. Your course will start with the basics of living in a mountain range known for quick-changing weather and views that will constantly surprise you. As you travel, you’ll progress to the more challenging skills of navigating off trail and cooking the perfect meal on a camp stove.

In addition to outdoor skills, leadership will be a key part of this course. You’ll learn about group dynamics as you live in a small community in the mountains. You’ll practice communication and decision making as you find routes through high passes and lush valleys. Physical and mental challenges will teach you about tolerance for adversity. Each day you’ll fill a different leadership role, honing your personal leadership style. You’ll go home ready to keep exploring the outdoors and be a leader in your community. 

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