An untouched landscape with secluded and rugged beauty in Iceland's Eastern Fjords.
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Hiking Iceland's Eastern Fjords - Alumni


7 days


18+ yrs



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Come see an Iceland that few people have ever experience or even dreamed of!

In this pilot expedition, we will explore a route along Iceland’s eastern coast, that is comprised of stunning geographical feats. Steep fjord walls separate valleys from each other aside from a faint network of trails that we will follow through this remote landscape. Days of trekking along these old footpaths lead us through abandoned farmland and to cozy huts each night. Our days will begin with a leisurely breakfast and 5-8 hours of hiking among moderately difficult terrain. Upon arriving at the hut, members will choose whether to spend some additional time exploring under the midnight sun, relaxing, or socializing before and after dinner together as a group. A unique highlight of this trip is the chance to explore an area with few other tourists, including the sandy beaches we will take day trips to, a local puffin colony, and the rugged coasts where we will walk along the stunning fjords. This trip combines the luxury of light packs, with the help of a local driver to transport our gear, as well as the challenge of remote, rugged hiking. 

This trip will re-acquaint you with NOLS hiking techniques, and fellow NOLS graduates, in a friendly, relaxing, and visually stunning environment. We will meet in Reykjavik, and travel together to the Domestic airport the next morning for a 60 minute flight to Egilsstadir (included in tuition). From there, we will meet our driver, load up on supplies, and shuttle to our trailhead. Starting that day, we will be hiking 8-10 miles a day over moderate terrain with 1000-2000 ft in elevation gain. This is a trip for the adventurous; for those who choose to be explorers in a relatively unexplored landscape where nature, with it’s wild beauty and awe-inducing views, still reigns.


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*Rain and cool weather can be challenging on this trip. 

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