Gateway Partner Program

Credit: Kirk Rasmussen

Gateway Partner Program

Over the years, NOLS has partnered with a variety of extraordinary organizations across the country, through the Gateway Partner Program to engage exceptional youth in NOLS expeditions. As a student within the Gateway Partner Program, you will have the opportunity to develop deep and meaningful relationships with your peers and instructors, thus creating a welcoming and supportive environment for you to learn and grow in. You will become a seasoned wilderness traveler, learning how to read maps, navigate off trail, cook backcountry meals, and step into various leadership roles.These expeditions provide invaluable opportunities to refresh and recharge in awe-inspiring wilderness settings, sleep under the stars, and enhance your outdoor skills while challenging you to grow as a leader and problem solver.

NOLS Gateway Partner Program graduates are now leading others in industries from conservation to software development. Where will you take your NOLS experience?



2020 Dates

Dec. 31 – Dec. 31, 2020

Tuition: TBA


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30 days

Minimum Age

13 yrs.



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