Students paddling down the Rio Grande as part of a two week canoe expedition.
Camera Ashley Wise

Fall Semester in the Southwest


80 days


17+ yrs



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Grow as a leader in the desert’s canyons and rivers

Explore a living desert and find your leadership style on the Semester in the Southwest. Discover a desert that’s alive with coyote and javelina, mesquite and cactus. On this course, you’ll learn the outdoor skills to explore rivers and mountains. Follow the Rio Grande through steep, red sandstone canyons and wander ponderosa pine forests. You might explore the paths of rugged canyons or fall asleep listening to coyotes howl. Whether you know a lot or a little about the outdoors, you’ll find challenges on this course that will push your limits and help you grow.

And this course is about more than outdoor skills. You’ll also dive deep into your leadership style. Every day will have new challenges that will push you to grow. Navigating a challenging route becomes a lesson in decision making. Setting goals for a climbing route becomes an opportunity for self-leadership. Living in a small community presents opportunities to practice communication and responsibility. If you’re ready for a challenge that will prepare you to lead, this is the course for you.

*This course travels on the Rio Grande, which is one of the original rivers protected by the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act of 1968.

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What Our Grads Say

“I can honestly say my NOLS course taught me how wonderful life is. I believe I learned how to make myself happy. Away from technology, social norms, and societal restrictions I felt free, and excited for life at all times. That is a feeling that I will never forget and one that I will continue to strive for throughout my life. I felt happiness in the truest most wholesome form on my trip. I truly believe that my NOLS course was the turning point in my life, and I emerged from it a better person in every way.” 

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