Backpacking below Mt Blanc, one of Italy's many storied peaks.
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Backpacking Italy's Alps - Gran Paradiso - Alumni


9 days


18+ yrs



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NOLS is launching a new route in northwestern Italy this summer and it is a hard one!

Originally designated as Royal hunting grounds, this formidable pilot trip in Grand Paradiso National Park is steeped in history and incredible scenery.

We'll backpack between a combination of rifugios (small, hostel-style lodging) and inns across step valleys and ridges towards the French border. Our accommodations provide meals, keeping packs light and allowing for more mileage each day.  This hike is challenging and should only be attempted by those who have high levels of fitness and endurance.

The trip starts and ends in Turin, an ancient and history-filled city that is worth exploring. Tuition includes comfortable Turin lodging before and after the trip. From Turin, we will travel like locals and take public transit to our trailhead to start hiking!

You will spend the following seven nights in the mountains, hiking amongst the Alps’ giant peaks beneath stunning distant glaciers. 

This trip will re-acquaint you with NOLS backpacking techniques in a convivial, relaxing and visually stunning location. Instruction is geared to your interests, with Italian "word(s) of the day," time for journal-writing and photography, and more. Of course, non-alumni adult friends and family members are also invited— this is a great way to introduce NOLS to your sidekicks.

*Lots of elevation gain and long days make this a very challenging trip.

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