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what your gift does for nols & our students

How Your Gift Makes a Difference

Your gift positively impacts NOLS students and wilderness areas around the world.

Donations support a variety of initiatives from scholarships, staff development, and sustainability programs to research and curriculum development. Your contribution helps ensure the school has a sustainable future.

In the end, though, it’s our students who reap all the benefits of your generosity. They and we appreciate it. Thanks for supporting NOLS!

NOLS Scholarship Program

Annually, more than 900 students who show real potential and an inability to attend a course without financial help are awarded a collective total of almost $2 million dollars in NOLS scholarships.

We believe everyone has a unique and valuable perspective and that inclusion is intrinsically connected to strong leadership. Scholarships allow us to reach a wider, more diverse audience, strengthening our programs from the ground up.

Sustainability and Wildland Protection

 From advocating for the protection of wild places to passing on Leave No Trace wilderness ethics to our students, your gift helps protect our wild lands.

Research and Curriculum Development

Your gift supports a wide range of research and curriculum development from ensuring that standard rations meet students’ needs by tracking their metabolic output to collecting data on medical incidents in the field. These projects aren’t just for our benefit; we share information to help other wilderness and outdoor organizations as well.

State of the School Report 2018

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In any amount, your gift makes a difference. Find out how you can step forward to change lives.

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