Position Announcement

JOB TITLE:  NOLS Wilderness Medicine Sponsor Coordinator

REPORTS TO: NOLS Wilderness Medicine Business Operations Manager
JOB OBJECTIVE: The NOLS Wilderness Medicine Sponsor Coordinator (SC) is an external-facing position and represents NOLS to current and potential sponsors. The SC cultivates and manages a diverse portfolio of short- and long-term relationships with organizations and individuals to advance the school’s mission. Currently the Sponsor Coordinator manages 280+ sponsors located both domestically and internationally. Through these relationships the SC and the program team book, contract, maintain, and coordinate 1000+ wilderness medicine courses annually, consisting of both standard offerings and custom programs. 

The SC is responsible for the accurate collection and recording of contractual, programmatic, and logistical information for the courses they are assigned. The SC is also responsible for analyzing feedback from sponsors, instructors, and students; recording lessons learned; and providing solutions that allow continuous improvement on all their assigned courses. 


  • Passion for NOLS mission and excitement for fulfilling it in creative ways.
  • Ability to energetically and accurately represent NOLS to a variety of constituents including current or prospective sponsors, instructors, and staff.
  • Strong interpersonal, organizational, and oral and written communication skills.
  • Ability to build rapport quickly in person as well as through phone conversation and personal correspondence with a wide audience.
  • Highly organized with a skillset related to program planning and event logistics.
  • 1-3 years of external customer service and management experience.
  • 1-3 years of experience with team supervision and training.
  • 1-3 years experience with educational programs coordination.
  • Fluency with learning and adopting new technologies.


  • Familiarity or experience with NOLS mission.
  • Project management knowledge.
  • Experience with web-based interface creation and maintenance.
  • Experience with G Suite and relational database applications.
  • Experience with continuous improvement and updates in organization policy. 

LEADERSHIP OR SUPERVISORY DUTIES: Manages and cultivates a sponsor portfolio, which requires personal visits and ongoing attention to nurture long-term relationships. Establishes collaborative working relationships as the initial point of contact for course booking, contracting, ongoing updates, policy exceptions, course cancellation, and conflict mediation. Makes decisions regarding adequacy of classroom, lodging, and meal logistics for instructors and students. Recommends and requires improvements needed for repeating courses. Recommends sponsors for non-renewal of contracts.  The Sponsor Coordinator is responsible for all hiring, training, and supervision of the NOLS Wilderness Medicine program assistant(s). The SC carries an on-call phone on seven to eight weekends/year for problems related to wilderness medicine courses.
FUNDS AND/OR PROPERTY: Responsible for contracting courses that generate approximately $2,700,000 of revenue annually. Manages a NOLS credit card for office and course-related expenses.
Responsible for meeting contractual and operational expectations for portfolio of sponsors. Percentages are approximate, to be determined with person hired.

40% - Supervision, Systems Development, and Training

  • Supervise and train the NOLS Wilderness Medicine Program Assistant(s).
  • Work with partner liaison to identify common trends and opportunities.
  • Supervise the arranging of course logistics for NOLS Wilderness Medicine faculty.
  • Ensures that course summary reports are being reviewed and responded to.
  • Mediate course-related challenges and improvements with both sponsors and staff.
  • Provide on-call weekend staff support.

40% - Account Management

  • Receive and delegate new sponsor requests in order to ensure appropriate responses from the Wilderness Medicine office.
  • Works with NOLS Wilderness Medicine Director to guide sponsors on date and course selections that meet their needs and fit our annual plan.
  • Train and supervise NOLS Wilderness Medicine sponsors in providing quality NOLS Wilderness Medicine programming at non-NOLS Wilderness Medicine locations both domestically and internationally.
  • Ensure course prerequisites returned by sponsors (contracts, deposits, and logistic information) are entered and/or entered by the program assistant in the database application.
  • Uphold and enforce NOLS Wilderness Medicine policy to sponsors.
  • Maintains exceptional level of customer service to sponsors before, during, and after courses.
  • Direct sponsors in making course-related financial and logistical decisions.
  •  Helps sponsors make decisions regarding course cancellation.

10% - Web-based interface management, database application management, and management of outside reservations of Wyss Wilderness Medicine Campus.

10% - Other duties as assigned.

CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECK: A criminal background check is required from all NOLS employees.
E-VERIFY: NOLS Participates in E-Verify.

WORK LOCATION: NOLS Headquarters, Lander, WY.
HOW TO APPLY: Send cover letter and resume to Marcio Paes-Barreto, NOLS Wilderness Medicine Business Operations Manager.
Email: marcio_paesbarreto@nols.edu
Phone: 1.307.335.2361
Contact: Please use the above email for questions.

STARTING DATE: July 9, 2018.
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