Position Announcement

JOB TITLE: NOLS Wilderness Medicine Program Supervisor

REPORTS TO: NOLS Wilderness Medicine WEMT Director

JOB OBJECTIVE: Provide program support for specialty NOLS Wilderness Medicine courses including Wilderness EMT, Wilderness Medicine and Rescue Semester, and Wilderness Medicine Expedition courses, as well as program and technical support for online course platforms. This is a year-round combination in-town and teaching position.

QUALIFICATIONS: Experienced NOLS Wilderness Medicine instructor, preferably with WEMT teaching background. Crossover NOLS field instructor preferred. Strong organizational skills and the ability to manage tasks with deadlines while teaching or traveling. Excellent computer skills, including database usage, experience with online education, and Google Apps. Creative and critical thinking to develop and/or expand new course resources.

LEADERSHIP OR SUPERVISORY DUTIES: This person requires cooperative skills and communicates both internally and externally. This person will interact with state and national regulatory agencies and regional clinical facilities. This person will develop curriculum, brief and debrief instructors and ensure quality control for curriculum delivery. This person will mentor the professional development of WEMT instructors, including both NOLS employees and outside professional services contractors.This person will also share supervision of the WEMT admission officer.



30% - Teach NOLS Wilderness Medicine courses, including WEMT, WFR, and other short programs.

70% - Manage ongoing maintenance and support for specialized NOLS Wilderness Medicine programming. Tasks will include recurring events, which may overlap with teaching responsibilities, as well as discrete projects to be completed during standard office hours.
Responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:

  • Supervision of the WEMT admission officer. 
  • Participating in weekend on-call rotation with other departmental supervisors.
  • Creating and maintaining educational affiliation contracts with regional clinical facilities to ensure access for existing WEMT courses and potential expansion for new WEMT courses.
  • Interfacing with hospitals to create schedules for WEMT clinical shifts..
  • Auditing WEMT prerequisite paperwork submissions.
  • Processing WEMT end-of-course paperwork.
  • Supporting online components (curriculum and content) of WEMT courses, WFR-EMR bridge courses, hybrid WFR Recert courses, and staff RTP Recert courses.
  • Creating and maintaining online platforms for other NOLS Wilderness Medicine courses or continuing education opportunities.
  • Developing curriculum and content for new hybrid course types and online content.
  • Briefing and debriefing WEMT instructor teams, possibly on weekends.
  • Briefing and debriefing RM staff and crossover instructors to ensure curriculum consistency and accuracy for Wilderness Medicine and Rescue Semesters.
  • Developing WME curriculum, student and staff materials, and conducting course briefings for instructors.
  • Revising and maintaining WEMT support materials, including course outcomes and roles and responsibilities in accordance with national and state dictated guidelines.
  • Creating, organizing, updating, and curating audio and visual resources for WEMT and WFR courses.
  • Developing and maintaining relationships with state and national EMT regulatory bodies to ensure ongoing support for WEMT course graduates.

EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY: NOLS does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, genetics information, disability unrelated to job or admission requirements, or status as a protected veteran. The school’s nondiscrimination policy applies to all phases of its employment process, its admission and financial aid programs, and to all other aspects of its educational programs and activities. Retaliation directed to any person who pursues a discrimination complaint or grievance, participates in a discrimination investigation, or otherwise opposes unlawful discrimination is prohibited.

CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECK: A criminal background check is required from all NOLS employees.

E-VERIFY: NOLS participates in E-Verify.

WORK LOCATION: NOLS Wilderness Medicine Offices, NOLS Headquarters, Lander, WY.  This is a full-time benefited position. 

HOW TO APPLY: Send cover letter and resume to Robin Larson, NOLS Wilderness Medicine WEMT Director, robin_larson@nols.edu


STARTING DATE: As soon as feasible.

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