Position Announcement

JOB TITLE: Field Training Coordinator

REPORTS TO: Field Staffing Director

JOB OBJECTIVE: The field training coordinator works with the field staffing office, NOLS field instructors, program supervisors, and program directors to support the seasonal hiring, development, and oversight of NOLS field faculty. This position also supports the coordination of NOLS field staff training programs.

QUALIFICATIONS: NOLS field experience recommended, program experience preferred. Demonstrated skill in mentorship and coaching; organization; flexibility; attention to detail; ability to stay solution-oriented in the midst of adversity and uncertainty; and commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion are all required. The field staffing office values a range of expertise within the team. 

LEADERSHIP OR SUPERVISORY DUTIES: Member of a team that oversees the hiring, development, performance, and promotion of over 600 field faculty. Help create, oversee, and maintain the seminar mix to ensure seminars and curricula meet field staffing needs, address opportunities outlined in the Expedition Faculty Training Report, and exceed strategic diversity and inclusion goals. Consult on briefing, debriefing, and supervision of seminar and IC instructors. Contribute to IC review process.

FUNDS AND/OR PROPERTY: Obligates NOLS funds as a signer of field staff employment agreements. Develops and maintains the leadership seminar budget, at roughly $20,000.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Budgeted for up to to 70% in the field staffing office and 30% working field or classroom courses or, optionally, on unpaid leave. This percentage may change as the team builds a workable schedule for everyone.

  • Manage daily hiring of field faculty, ensuring quality faculty for each course. 
  • Communicate regularly with program supervisors and program directors. 
  • Track faculty performance by reading Staff Performance Evaluations. 
  • Develop seasonal hiring plans, compile WRAP sheet information, write employee agreements, and correspond with field staff.
  • Communicate with staff via informal open door policy, phone, e-mail, Skype, and forums. 
  • Provide mentoring and coaching to field faculty regarding performance and career development.
  • Involved in Instructor Course (IC) recruitment process, IC reviews, IC briefings, post-IC student interviews, and assist in prioritizing seminar participants.
  • Coordinate NOLS training programs.
  • Coordinate with locations and field staffing office to develop and adjust field staff seminar mix and schedule. Create, organize, and enroll leadership seminars.
  • Enroll seminar participants. Collect all tuition and work with branch staff to collect all seminar paperwork. Communicate roster, wait list, and prioritization information to participants.
  • Create and edit seminar information. Communicate seminar information to participants. Read evaluations and summaries of seminars. Keep up-to-date on staff development, seminar, and program issues.
  • Track overall training needs and provide analysis of training programs.
  • Consult with field staffing and branches on seminar instructor hiring. 
  • Orient IC graduates to training programs. 

CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECK: A criminal background check is required from all NOLS employees.

E-VERIFY: NOLS participates in E-verify.


Send cover letter and resume to Emily Ledingham.
Email: emily_ledingham@nols.edu
Contact Emily Ledingham with questions. 

CLOSING DATE FOR APPLICATIONS: Interviews will be offered and take place on a rolling basis.

STARTING DATE: Negotiable.

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