Phillips Exeter Academy

Credit: Brian Hensien

Phillips Exeter Leadership Expedition

Explore and push your capabilities as a leader in the red rock canyons of the Colorado Plateau in Southern Utah. Throughout this nine-day backcountry backpacking expedition you will live in and travel through an arid landscape of red sandstone and green junipers. In this dynamic wilderness setting, you'll enhance your outdoor skills and encounter opportunities to refine your approach to leadership as you confront new and challenging circumstances.

In the canyons, you will learn fundamental wilderness travel skills. Map reading and route finding can be tricky in this convoluted country of deeply incised waterways. Days will range from bushwhacking your way through three miles of unbroken trail to walking ten miles on flat mesa. You will be challenged to minimize your impact in an area where soil is fragile and the water you previously took for granted is hard to find.

There are significant technical and environmental challenges on every leadership expedition. NOLS instructors will play evolving roles as you build knowledge, experience, and abilities during this self-contained expedition. You will take on increasing levels of personal and team responsibility for the technical and interpersonal aspects of the course and come out of this experience challenge-ready and confident to act as a leader.



Dates: March 3 - 11, 2018
Duration: 9 days
Location: Utah canyons
Activity: Backpacking
Mileage: 30-40 miles

Fly in/out: Salt Lake City, Utah

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