Paul Smith's College Leadership Expedition

Credit: James Kagambi

About the expedition

Explore and push your abilities as a leader in the "High Peaks Wilderness" of Adirondack State Park, one of America's oldest wildernesses. This custom course for Paul Smith's College is a 33-day wilderness expediton that will start at the NOLS Northeast campus in Gabriels, just a few miles from Paul Smith's College. Staying true to the Paul Smith's motto "College of the Adirondacks," you will climb high rocky peaks, paddle historic waterways, learn basic rock climbing skills, and camp in ancient hardwood forests of the Adirondack Mountains. You will learn the natural history of the region which teems with wildlife such as beaver, deer, moose, fisher, American marten, and over 250 species of birds. You will learn to cook delicious and gourmet meals, such as pizza and cinnamon rolls, on a single burner camp stove. Instructors will also guide your development with transferrable leadership tools, classes, reflective thinking and lots of fun and laughter. 

This NOLS experience is just the beginning of a 15 credit immersive Adirondack semester provided by Paul Smith's College. The 33-day NOLS expedition earns participants 6 credits in leadership, environmental education, and technical skills. After the expedition, students return to campus to take courses focusing on International Guiding Culture, Recreation Therapy, and Environmental Interpretation, all while earning professional certificates through nationally-accredited outdoor and educational organizations like American Canoe Association, American Mountain Guides Association, and National Association for Interpretation. The semester wraps up with a 10-day student-led paddling adventure in the southeast. 





2017 Dates

Dates August 23 - September 24, 2017
Location NOLS Northeast
Activity Backpacking
Mileage 60-70 miles
Documents Equipment List
  Travel and Logistics

For more information contact:
NOLS Custom Education 
800-710-6657 ext. 2720