Greenwood Leadership Expedition

Credit: Brett Carroll

About the expedition

Explore and push your capabilities in a new environment as you travel through uncharted territory. The Snake River Range, Lemhi Mountains, Wyoming Range, Wind River Mountains, and the Beaverhead Mountains are possible sites for this course. Throughout this 14-day backcountry backpacking expedition you will live in and hike through a mountain landscape of jagged peaks, spruce-fir forests, and flowing rivers. In this dynamic wilderness setting, you'll learn new outdoor skills and encounter opportunities to discover and continuously refine your personal leadership style as you confront unknown and challenging circumstances.

As you travel throughout the mountains, you will learn fundamental wilderness travel skills. Map reading and route finding will be an ongoing opportunity to create a plan and execute it with the help of your peers, with concrete start and endpoints to evaluate success and embrace learning opportunities. Days will range from off-trail hiking to celebrating peak experiences where you can see clear into the next state and reflect upon your unrelenting hard work. You will learn to cook and bake over a single-burner backcountry stove, starting your day with fluffy pancakes or ending with a cup of hot chocolate, while simultaneously savoring mountain views that will be with you for life.

There are significant technical and environmental challenges on every leadership expedition. NOLS instructors will play evolving roles as you build knowledge, experience, and abilities during this self-contained expedition, and two chaperones will help bridge the learning between these new environments and more familiar ones from school and home. You will take on increasing levels of personal and team responsibility for the technical and interpersonal aspects of the course and come out of this experience challenge-ready and confident to act as a leader back home and in school.




2018 Dates

Course dates July 10 - 23, 2018
Course location NOLS Teton Valley
Activity Backpacking
Course mileage <30-40 miles
Fly in/out Jackson, WY
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Travel Dates July 9 and July 24


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Maddy Brown
Coordinator for Greenwood Leadership Expedition

Backpackers hike across the saddle in Idaho's Lemhi Mountains.