Discover U Project Leadership Expedition

Credit: Catherine Rocchi

About the expedition

The wilderness experience is an escape from structure, judgment, and technology. In this environment you will create an LGBTQ safe space for yourself and your peers to explore new friendships, expand personal identity, and hone skills for healthy living. You will work with your group and instructors to navigate the many aspects of planning and executing a successful wilderness expedition. Each day you will learn and practice leadership as you collaborate and cooperate with your fellow expedition members to conquer challenging, yet beautiful terrain. You will learn methods of conflict resolution and decision-making, while also understanding the necessity for self-care and self-love.

As you travel in the backcountry, societal pressures will melt away, allowing you to be fully immersed in this inclusive and accepting environment. You will have optimal opportunities for self-reflection as you share your experiences and learn from others. NOLS instructors and Discover U staff will support you as positive mentors as you rise to physical, mental, and emotional challenges. When you emerge from this experience, you will step forward into the world as a part of a community of friends, confident in your own skin and equipped with the skills to succeed in all avenues of your life.

Instructor addresses a group of seated students on a grassy slope in the Wyoming Range of the Rocky Mountains.


2017 Dates

Course dates July 6 - 13, 2017
Course location NOLS Teton Valley
Activity Backpacking
Course mileage 30-40 miles
Fly in/out Jackson, WY
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