NOLS Australia

Its name alone—Australia—brings to mind unusual wildlife and wide-open spaces, flora found nowhere else on Earth, friendly people, and a varied array of cultures.

The Land Down Under is a wild continent of waterfalls and crocodiles, of adventure and exploration. Our headquarters is located in Broome, a community of fewer than 25,000 people that was founded in the 1880s as a hub of the pearling industry.

Since 1996, our students have explored northwestern Australia in places like the Kimberley and the Pilbara. These regions are characterized by dramatic landscapes and intense colors, vast plains, ancient mountains, huge tidal rivers, and breathtaking gorges.

We are also honored to be able to collaborate with local Aboriginal groups, from whom our students have invaluable opportunities to learn about different ways of life.

You’ll never tire of the unique beauty of northwestern Australia and you will discover its remoteness, enjoying the opportunity to explore a landscape known to few. NOLS Australia is an adventure and an experience.

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