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Leadership Week

The sum is greater than the parts. This is what we have alluded to each time we describe Leadership Week to friends and family. It's a climbing meet-up here, a movie viewing there, a store discount way over there. But the beauty of this week shines through when looking at the map. We can see the NOLS community-at-large this way. NOLS grads and employees do this stuff every week anyway, Leadership Week is simply a time when we choose to document and celebrate it. - William and Kary

P.S. We got our hands on some Deuter/NOLS backpacks and want to award them as prizes for folks who are the most involved. We are watching you leaders, with high powered binoculars, and satellite imagery. (Actually we need you to send in photos and videos or we don't really know how awesome you are!)


We asked alumni to step up in their communities, and have they ever. From climbing meet-ups, to river clean-ups, to working with schools, grads have shown their NOLS colors and have taken the lead in their communities. Here is what grads are doing today, join them if you are in the area:

New York, New York* - Alumni Social / Meet-Up, Wilderness First Aid Study Session
Islamabad, Pakistan - NOLS Presentation
Collegeville, Minnesota* - Information Table
Berkeley, California*
- Climbing, Info Session, More..

Sunnyvale, California* - Sports Basement Store Discount
Kingston, New York* - Kenco Store Discount
Cincinnati, Ohio* - Benchmark Outfitters Store Discount

Dayton, Ohio* - Grad Available to Talk
Lincoln, Nebraska* - Grad Available to Talk
Chapel Hill, North Carolina* - Grad Available to Talk

* = Open to the Public

Sports Basement


All week long we will have representatives out on college campuses, at outdoor retailers, and in your community teaching leadership and outdoor education lessions and promoting NOLS. We will also be leading in our community with local events. Today we are in the following locations:

Ft. Worth, Texas* - Information Table, NOLS Movie Viewing

Sierra de la Laguna, Mexico - Trail Clean-Up
Red Rocks, Nevada - NOLS Instructor Climbing Seminar
Lander, Wyoming - Food Drive*

* = Open to the Public


** The quiz wasn't working yesterday, so we are leaving it up for one more day. We'll have a new sustainability quiz tomorrow.
Day 4
February 24, 2011
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Palmer, Alaska: Photos coming in from NOLS Alaska - "The Groomed Trail - We've received several calls already in appreciation of our grooming trails on the Alaska Pacific University Kellogg Farm (across the road from NOLS Alaska)."

Clemson, South Carolina:
Carly and Brittany sent us photos from their info session, and send out good wishes to other LW participants.

Karachi, Pakistan:
Photos from the leadership workshop. Thanks Samad!

Columbia, South Carolina: Via Twitter - Great turnout to our first @NOLS event saving the world one tree at a time!
It's still @NOLS Leadership Week here in Carolina

Lander, Wyoming:
and video and blog post from UW students learning leadership styles
Blog post about problem solving discussion
NOLS Alumni Dept. currently at 72.5 lbs. of food for our food drive.
Photo from Tod Schimelpfenig discussion on decision making.

Atlanta, Georgia: Photos from presentation, info session by NOLS Rep Pearson at Emory University

Leadership Week Events - Zoom into Your Location to See Local Events

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