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Federal Financial Aid

NOLS offers two options for students to access federal financial aid. The first is through a consortium or contractual agreement between their home college or university and NOLS  . The second is as a degree-seeking student through Central Wyoming College (CWC).

Consortium Agreements

Students who are in a degree program at a college that grants credit, or accepts the University of Utah credit in transfer, for a NOLS semester may be able to utilize federal loans and grants through a consortium agreement between NOLS and their college. A consortium agreement allows for the transfer of federal loans and grant funds from a student’s matriculated college or university to NOLS. The school must decide whether or not the University of Utah credits will be accepted, and then it is up to the discretion of the particular university or college to decide if those funds can be used in that fashion.

Semester students who are in a degree program at a college that honors NOLS semester credit are eligible. Several types of federal aid can be transferred including direct subsidized or unsubsidized student loans, Perkins Loan, federal Pell Grant, federal supplemental educational opportunity grant, and Federal Direct Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS).

The process:

  1. Call your financial aid office and ask if they sign “consortium agreements.” Consortiums are allowed for by federal regulation, but a school is not required to provide them.
  2. Go to your advisor with your NOLS course description, the University of Utah college credit information, and the syllabi for each University of Utah course you would earn credit in.
  3. If your advisor approves the credit, you are ready to go to your financial aid office.
  4. Tell your financial aid office you want to do a consortium agreement with NOLS. The consortium cannot be with the University of Utah because you are a contract student.
  5. After a consortium is signed, NOLS and your school's financial aid and business offices work together to provide for the transfer of funds. NOLS tuition is due 75 days prior to the course start date. If your financial aid funds are not transferred at that time, NOLS will need written verification from your financial aid office as to total aid to be transferred and when.
  6. Please give the NOLS financial aid advisor a call for more details on this process at (800) 710-NOLS ext. 2272.

Central Wyoming College Financial Aid

CWC will process federal financial aid for their matriculated students who are enrolled in NOLS courses and are pursuing a degree in Environmental Science and Leadership or Outdoor Education and Leadership.

The financial aid process takes time and should be started at least 90 days prior to the start of a NOLS course.

The process:

In order to be considered for need-based financial aid, you must be enrolled at least half-time as a degree-seeking student in an eligible CWC program leading to an AA, AS, AAS, or certificate.

For more information about applying for Federal Financial Aid, at CWC, please refer to the financial aid page of the CWC website here.

If you apply for Federal Financial Aid, please inform the NOLS Admission Office.

Cost of CWC Tuition and Fees
You must pay tuition and fees per credit hour at CWC, which will retain that cost from your financial aid disbursement.  Click here for the current listing of CWC tuition and fees.

Billing and Financial Aid Disbursement
CWC bills the student directly for course tuition at CWC and NOLS. This billing includes the equipment deposit for the NOLS course but does not include the NOLS application fee and the optional Tuition Protection Plan fee. The application fee and optional tuition protection fees must be paid directly to NOLS.

Because the NOLS tuition is billed through CWC, it can be calculated in your federal financial aid. This means that if a student qualifies for federal financial aid, he or she may use it to cover a portion of the NOLS course costs. The percentage covered depends on which NOLS course you choose to take. Students are responsible for payment of any difference between award and NOLS/CWC course tuition and fees. Contact the CWC Financial Aid office for more details.

If you have any questions about applying for financial aid for your CWC and NOLS expenses, please contact the Central Wyoming College Financial Aid office at 800-865-0195 or (307) 855-2274.

The Drascombe Longboat, the vessel used on Baja sailing courses, is a light, maneuverable craft that can explore hidden coves or be hauled onto a desert beach.
Photo: Nate Steele
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