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University of Utah College Credit

NOLS has been offering college credit through the University of Utah since 1980. More than 400 colleges and universities have accepted University of Utah credit earned on a NOLS course.

A list of credits offered for each NOLS course can be found online here (pdf).

Students interested in taking their NOLS course for the optional college credit must pay for the University of Utah credit fees in addition to the course tuition. Payment for optional college credit and Wilderness First Responder credit are to be made payable to NOLS.

Registration and payment for University of Utah college credits are required before the course begins.

The cost is $70 per credit hour as of 1/31/14. Note: The cost per credit is subject to change approximately every two years.

Registration and credit
To receive optional college credit through the University of Utah, students must register and submit payment to NOLS at least 10 days prior to your course start date.​ ​

Request for the optional college credit from the University of Utah after the course will not be accepted. There is no exception to this guideline.

1. NOLS students may register and submit payment for the optional college credit through their student Dashboard or complete and return the University of Utah registration form to NOLS. This form can be found here (pdf).

2. Submit payment via credit card (Visa or Mastercard) or check payable to NOLS.

It’s Just Like College
University of Utah/NOLS credit works just like any college credit. You will not be registered with the University of Utah and will not receive letter grades unless all paperwork and fees have been submitted before the due date. Credit cannot be awarded retroactively.

Students receiving credit will be assigned a final letter grade by their instructors, which will be recorded on an official transcript at the University of Utah. NOLS provides all students with written evaluations and optional oral evaluations at the end of the course. If a student does not complete the NOLS course, no credit will be awarded. If a section of a semester program is not completed, no credit will be awarded for that section. Students expelled for any reason will not receive college credit.

To appeal a grade that you feel is arbitrary or capricious, contact the NOLS Registrar or 1-800-710-6657 within a month of the end of your course. The review process will involve the NOLS Curriculum Manager and follow the procedures outlined by the University of Utah’s Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities.

High school graduates or the equivalent may register for University of Utah college credit. Current high school students must have completed their junior year with a cumulative grade-point average of 3.2 or above and must submit an official transcript with their registration form.

Graduate Credit
All courses offered through the University of Utah Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism are available at the graduate level (except PRT 6055: Expedition Planning). Additional coursework is required. Indicate on page 2 of the University of Utah registration form that you are pursuing graduate credit and detailed information will be sent to you.

Nine hours are the most a student can bring in from the outside or as credits while non-matriculated. Each admission is unique at the graduate level and your school will make the final decision as to which credits they will accept toward your degree.

For the full Graduate Credit Policy information, please click here.

Requests for early report of grades will be accommodated if they are made in advance of your course start date. It is the student’s responsibility to request transcripts from the University of Utah after the term here.

College Credit Refunds
If a student must withdraw from a course and no credit is awarded, he or she will be refunded the college credit fee less a $25 processing fee. Semester students will be refunded their college credit fees for any sections for which credit cannot be awarded.

The University of Utah and the National Outdoor Leadership School are entirely separate entities and no agency or employee relationship exists between them. The university’s responsibility is limited to a prior review of course content and instructor qualifications to ensure appropriate academic relevance and competence and exercises no responsibility or authority over the conduct of the instructors or other employees or agents of NOLS. The University of Utah serves NOLS as a credit-granting body only. It is not possible to receive financial aid or other benefits through the University.

University of Utah Class Descriptions

Undergraduate U/UT Credit

Graduate U/UT Credit

Course/credit breakdown
Students may register for any number of credits up to the total offered. Specific credit breakdown is subject to change.

For more information contact the NOLS Registrar, Katie Price, at, 1-800-710-6657 extension 2240.

More than 400 other colleges and universities around the country have accepted NOLS/University of Utah credit.
Photo: Marco Johnson
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