Tanzania Wilderness - Prime

Tanzania Wilderness - Prime


  • On and off-trail hiking through tropical rain forests and savannah grasslands
  • Strong intercultural component, including Kiswahili language skills
  • Safari with a strong natural history component
  • Excellent opportunities to study wildlife
  • Tanzanian cultural liaison will accompany your course
An expedition through East Africa will introduce you to tropical rain forests and savannah grasslands and the diverse wildlife and cultures that inhabit them.

Accompanied by a cultural liaison from Tanzania, you will backpack from the volcanic highlands and take in such wonders as a soda lake to which thousands of flamingos flock. Spend time with local tribes while learning about culture, human and natural history, and ecology. Sleep in tents in thick forests and on the savannah, all the while learning essential camping, risk management, and backcountry travel skills.

While on the vehicle-supported safari section of this course, you will lay eyes on exotic fauna. The famous Ngorongoro Crater is inhabited by an unusually diverse and concentrated wildlife population. Focus your binoculars on baboons and lions and your mind on conservation, zoology, and geography.

This course will take you through rain and dense fog and over steep, rocky terrain and through dense tropical forests. Though Tanzania's latitude can make it very hot, temperatures will not always be hot or mild, and NOLS will teach you how to thrive in this varied climate, as well as understand it better than you ever imagined.


Location NOLS East Africa
Tuition $3,965 Learn about Financial Aid
Equipment Deposit $100
Minimum Age 23
Duration 14 Days
Type Prime - 23 & Over
Start/End Call Admissions (800)710-6657
Fly in/out Call Admissions (800)710-6657
College Credit
  • 2 Credit Hours
  • 2 Hours Environmental Studies
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