Spring Semester in Australia

Spring Semester in Australia


  • Backpacking in the Australian Outback in the Kimberley Region
  • Off-trail hiking on uneven terrain
  • Good fishing opportunities
  • Cross-cultural experience with Australian Aboriginals
  • Hike on cobbled riverbeds, rocky and sparsely vegetated plateaus, spinifex, slab rock, lush vegetation, and steep gorges
Come discover the Kimberly Region of Western Australia, one of the largest and most remote wild lands in the world. On this semester you will first travel by canoe, and second with a backpack, through a subtropical habitat engulfed with unique flora and fauna. Observe rarely seen Aboriginal petroglyphs as your group explores exotic rivers and ancient land formations.

This expedition culminates with a weeklong stay in an Aboriginal community with Bardi guides, where you will spend time discovering their traditional and contemporary lifestyles.

Up to eight weeks of the course will be spent in road-less, wilderness terrain, where your only hint of modern civilization will be the occasional airplane passing overhead. There are few places on the planet like this where you can truly be in the middle of nowhere.


Location NOLS Australia
Tuition $15,175 Learn about Financial Aid
Equipment Deposit $700
Minimum Age 18
Duration 75 Days
Type Semester & Year
Start/End Broome, Australia
Fly in/out Broome, Australia
College Credit
  • 16 Credit Hours
  • 3 Hours Environmental Studies
  • 4 Hours Leadership Techniques
  • 4 Hours Skills Practicum
  • 3 Hours Risk Assessment
  • 2 Hours Cultural Studies
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High School Credit
  • 2 Carnegie Units
  • 1 CU Physical Education
  • 1 CU Leadership
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“The most rewarding thing about this course was getting to explore the landscape. Australia and more specifically, the Kimberly, is a place that's unlike any I've ever seen, and I never got tired of the beautiful vistas or my direct surroundings.”

-Ross B.

NOLS Australia Grad