Pacific Northwest Sea Kayaking & Sailing

Pacific Northwest Sea Kayaking & Sailing


  • Exploration of the Pacific coast with two different skill types
  • Approximately 100-nautical-mile route through fjords, coves, and island archipelagos
  • Wildlife viewing includes bears, wolves, seals, and whales
  • Opportunity for on-land exploration
Find the full beauty of the Pacific Northwest on this all-ocean coastal exploration. You will sea kayak the remote waters of Vancouver Islands outer coast, visiting pristine sandy beaches and hidden tidal lagoons while traveling in the wake of the many First Nations peoples and early explorers who opened the trade routes in this region.

Along the way, learn a range of technical skills including fundamental paddling strokes, weather analysis, and interpretation of tides and currents.

During the sailing section, you'll find yourself aboard a 36-foot keelboat to explore the remote Strait of Georgia and Desolation Sound. Along these precipitous coastlines, you'll learn boat handling under sail and power, chart reading, coastal navigation, and seamanship.

From helm to foredeck to navigation station, you will get a hands-on opportunity to crew all the positions above and below deck. With a combo course like this one, you're sure to grow into your sea legs.


Location NOLS Pacific Northwest
Tuition $5,660 Learn about Financial Aid
Equipment Deposit $350
Minimum Age 17
Duration 31 Days
Type Classic
Start/End Conway, Washington
Fly in/out Seattle, Washington
College Credit
  • 6 Credit Hours
  • 2 Hours Environmental Studies
  • 2 Hours Leadership Techniques
  • 2 Hours Skills Practicum
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High School Credit
  • 1.5 Carnegie Units
  • 0.5 CUs Physical Education
  • 1 CU Leadership
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“I learned so much about sailing and sea kayaking. I became a competent outdoorsperson and learned what it takes to be a leader. It was incredibly rewarding to learn these lessons against the beautiful Pacific Northwest backdrop from outstanding leaders and with amazing new life-long friends.”

-Tessa M.

Pacific Northwest Sea Kayaking & Sailing Grad