Pacific Northwest Outdoor Educator: Mountaineering

Pacific Northwest Outdoor Educator: Mountaineering


  • Intensive curriculum targeted toward teachers, outdoor leaders and those studying outdoor education
  • Opportunity to speak with NOLS staff about outdoor education career paths
  • Observe and discuss teaching styles and techniques
  • Features rock climbing and technical mountaineering: built for the aspiring outdoor educator
  • The North Cascades will be your mountain classroom. You'll climb at Squamish in B.C. or Leavenworth, Washington
With a team of dedicated teachers and a facility that's ideal for expedition planning, NOLS Pacific Northwest specializes in courses for educators. On this course, you'll get a variety of skills—backpacking, mountaineering, and rock climbing—and experience a variety of terrain, from forests to glaciers to alpine rock. Your veteran instructors will pass along an in-depth look at NOLS' time-tested teaching and programming methods as well as their strong enthusiasm for teaching in the wilderness.


Location NOLS Pacific Northwest
Tuition $4,510 Learn about Financial Aid
Equipment Deposit $350
Minimum Age 18
Duration 31 Days
Type Career
Start/End Conway, Washington
Fly in/out Seattle, Washington
College Credit
  • 6 Credit Hours
  • 2 Hours Outdoor Educator
  • 2 Hours Environmental Studies
  • 2 Hours Risk Assessment
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“It is one thing to hear about something and it's quite another to see it put into practice from the first instant when you land at the branch.”

-Rahul N.