Brooks Range Backpacking - Prime

Brooks Range Backpacking - Prime


  • Hike 50-60 miles in one of NOLS' most remote locations: north of the Arctic Circle
  • See Dall sheep, moose, caribou, wolves, and even lynx
  • The Brooks Range's wild and remote location is defined by open valleys, towering peaks, and rivers that flow for hundreds of miles
  • Start your course with a long travel day to the road head, culminating with a bush-plane drop off
  • Experience life with over 20 hours of sunlight daily
North of the Arctic Circle and aptly dubbed Land of the Midnight Sun, much of the landscape in the Brooks Range lies above tree line and elevations range from sea level to over 9,000 feet.

Designed especially for students ages 23 and older, this 14-day backpacking course packs in backcountry travel lessons in the steep shale mountains and expansive tundra of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the Philip Smith Mountains.

This is not a guided tour. You'll learn the skills in these two weeks needed to travel in a mountain environment long after your course ends.


Location NOLS Alaska
Tuition $5,050 Learn about Financial Aid
Equipment Deposit $250
Minimum Age 23
Duration 14 Days
Type Prime - Adult Courses
Start/End Fairbanks, NOLS Alaska
Fly in/out Fairbanks, NOLS Alaska
College Credit
  • 2 Credit Hours
  • 2 Hours Skills Practicum
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“Especially in an age of such rampant technology and development, I find it crucial to reunite with the wilderness, connect with others through phenomenal teamwork, and rely on nothing but your own instincts and abilities. It may seem strange to much of society, but I think it's exhilarating to navigate with a map and compass, immerse yourself amongst majestic mountains and rivers, and truly understand the place of humans in the world. I can confidently say that NOLS was the best experience of my life, and I felt very compelled to give back to such a unique organization and enable others to experience what I did.”

-Becky M.

Brooks Range Backpacking - Prime Grad