Backcountry Splitboarding - Prime

Backcountry Splitboarding - Prime


  • Four prep days at NOLS Teton Valley including two days at Grand Targhee Resort to hone your splitboarding skills
  • Eight backcountry days: two nights in a yurt and and six nights snow camping
  • Training in splitboarding techniques: travel on uphill or flat terrain, as well as downhill terrain
  • Training in avalanche assessment
  • Backcountry route of approximately 20 miles at elevations between 8,000 and 12,000 feet
  • Become a comfortable and responsible four-season outdoorsperson
Are you seeking the exhilaration of a perfect ride in untracked powder? Want to learn the skills to transition from being an area rider to a backcountry boarder? Then come snowboarding with NOLS! You'll venture through the mountains on your split board, improve your snowboarding skills, and learn to be comfortable and happy outside in the winter.

In this snow-covered playground, you'll learn to travel responsibly in avalanche terrainan important skill for riders who want to venture out of ski areas into the untamed snowy wilderness.

This 12-day course allows for weekend travel for those who have limited time to be away from family or work. The course begins with instruction at Grand Targhee Resort, and the first two backcountry nights are spent in a yurta semi-permanent soft-walled structure complete with a wood stove and an outhouse! This allows participants to ease into the challenging winter environment and gain quick access to untracked powder.

After such relative luxury, the course moves further into the backcountry where you'll construct elaborate snow shelters, learn about teamwork, and carve turns in fresh powder. Camping and traveling in the winter is a lot of hard work, and surfing down the mountain in knee-deep powder is a very cool reward.


Location NOLS Teton Valley
Tuition $2,515 Learn about Financial Aid
Equipment Deposit $300
Minimum Age 23
Duration 12 Days
Type Prime - 23 & Over
Start/End Driggs, Idaho
Fly in/out Idaho Falls, Idaho or Jackson, Wyoming
College Credit
  • 2 Credit Hours
  • 2 Hours Skills Practicum
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“Winter camping was a new and challenging experience for me - simply operating successfully in this environment was extremely rewarding. We also made some unforgettable turns.”

-Cody Newman

NOLS Teton Valley Grad