Amazon Basin River Expedition

Amazon Basin River Expedition


  • Experience the vast ecological and cultural diversity of the Amazon
  • Humidity 80-90% on average and temperatures between 60 and 100 degrees F
  • Exploratory routes in extremely remote locations
  • Jungle camping in hammocks and/or tents
  • Interact with Brazilians from all walks of life
This 23-day course offers a classic canoe experience on one of the large southern tributaries of the Amazon River.

Beginning at our base in the dry upland forests, you will transition through a variety of tropical environments as you travel north toward the equator through the Amazon rainforest. The rivers in the Amazon Basin are ideal for learning technical canoe skills because they combine flat-water practice and large volume whitewater paddling along with portages and tricky lining.

Upon embarking on this expedition, you will not only learn the core NOLS leadership curriculum, but you will also experience the vastness of ecological and cultural diversity the Amazon has to offer. The remoteness from modern infrastructures combined with insects and heat make this course highly challenging and incredibly rewarding.

There are also excellent opportunities for interactions with the people who lead subsistence lifestyles on the banks of the river. A true sense of accomplishment is achieved upon completion because will you have developed the technical skills along with first aid skills that enable you to not just survive, but thrive in the Amazon environment.

Come experience the wilds of the Amazon through a real expedition that will change your perception of life.


Location NOLS Amazon
Tuition $3,950 Learn about Financial Aid
Equipment Deposit $100
Minimum Age 18
Duration 23 Days
Type Classic
Start/End Chapada dos Guiamarães / Porto Velho
Fly in/out Cuiabá / Porto Velho
College Credit
  • 4 Credit Hours
  • 2 Hours Environmental Studies
  • 2 Hours Leadership Techniques
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High School Credit
  • 1 Carnegie Unit
  • 0.5 CUs Physical Education
  • 0.5 CUs Leadership
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“I've probably learned more in the last five months here than I learned in many years of standard education back home.”

-Julia B.