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Fall 2001

  • The Greatest Team on Everest, by Kerry Brophy.
    They called themselves the greatest team which ever climbed on Everest. Sponsored by the National Federation of the Blind, they were 13 American climbers from different parts of the country, with different backgrounds but one, singular goal: to join the first blind climber, Erik Weihenmayer, on the top of the world.

  • A Solid Foundation: NOLS Cuts Ribbon on New International Headquarters, by Kerry Brophy.
    NOLS, an organization that operates primarily outside under the shelter of tents or the open sky, can now add the construction of a major facility to its achievements in wilderness education.

  • NOLS Gave Me A Second Life, by Wanja Njuguna-Githinji.
    It was two a.m. We had set camp at Simba Turn, not too far away from the Gregory Glacier on our way to the top of Mt Kenya. My feet were freezing, my bladder was full, and I was sure I had heard something like the roar of a lion and I was not about to take a chance of being eaten alive.

  • Arctic Canoe Odyssey, by Jack Buchanan
    Last summer, Sam Moulton, Mike Wolfe, Brook Yeomans, and Luke Manger-Lynch embarked on an expedition that took them from Reindeer Lake in northern Saskatchewan to the Arctic Ocean. Their route was 1,600 miles long and took them 87 days. Their objectives were to complete the lengthy route in only one season and to raise money for scholarship funds for Camp Manito-wish.

  • Land of Neighbors: A Patagonia Journey on Horseback, by Nancy Pfeiffer.
    W e must have been a perplexing sight. Twenty foreigners, an entire NOLS course, each with a huge backpack, were stacked up on one side of the rain-swollen river. Our food supply was out of reach on the other bank.

  • NOLS Grad Heads Up Western Pennsylvania Field Institute, by Pip Coe.
    NOLS grad Mike Schiller recently started the Western Pennsylvania Field Institute (WPFI), a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing awareness and appreciation for the environment.

  • Put Your Policy Where Your Packs Are, by Jennifer Lamb, NOLS Public Policy Director.
    I attended my first instructor briefing at the Rocky Mountain Branch last week - part of my training as NOLS' new Public Policy Director. I sat at the table with branch folks and veteran instructors, ten days into my new job, learning about all the things that go into making a NOLS climbing camp happen... When I gave a brief explanation of my position at NOLS, I sensed a hint of confusion.

  • Wild Side of Medicine: What Happens When You Go Higher, by Buck Tilton.
    Camped at the base of Gannett Peak, tomorrow's ascent into the clouds taking up most of your thoughts, you're brought back to earth by a student with a complaint.

  • The Patagonia Land Trust, by Liz Rumsey.
    The goal of this article was to introduce the NOLS community to an organization dedicated to saving wilderness in Patagonia. My progress on it was interrupted by the attacks on September 11th. Several distracted days later, I returned to the task but found myself wondering, 'who cares?' Over the last several weeks, I have been reminded why I do.

  • Mesilau-Low's Gully Expedition, by Jack Buchanan.
    As reported in last spring's Leader, Brent Raymond, a NOLS instructor, coordinated an expedition to Malaysian Borneo. The goal of this expedition was to explore the unique climbing opportunities of the Mt. Kinabalu region.

  • Product Review: Wigwam Comfort Hikers, by Pip Coe, NOLS Alumni Relations Manager.

  • Leadership; NOLS Style, by John Kanengieter, NOLS Professional Training Institute (PTI) Director.
    At the heart of the NOLS education is the understanding of what it means to be a leader.

  • NOLS is the Inter-National Outdoor Leadership School, by Bruce Palmer, NOLS Director of Admission and Marketing.
    Curso de No Deje Rastro en Chile, El Curso para Educores Mexicanos, Curso de Montanismo para Chilenos - not every NOLS course is listed in the catalog of courses published here in the United States.

Summer 2001

Spring 2001

  • Summer On Ice, by Alexander Colhoun.
    I arrived in October on a Starlifter, a huge Navy cargo plane with skis for landing gear...I was bundled in heavy layers of polar-weight clothing. The cold was so deep it took my breath away... This place was unlike anything I'd ever known. I admit I was a little scared.

  • Scholarship Students Speak, by Kerry Brophy.
    A young girl in a Washington, DC public school is helping her fifth-grade class develop a wetland habitat and wildlife sanctuary...

  • NOLS Raises $8 Million for Scholarships, Outreach, by Susan Brame.
    NOLS completed its $8 million endowment campaign in December 2000. "Our message and our mission are timeless," says executive director John Gans...

  • Product Review: The Tikka Headlamp from Petzl®, by Kacy White.

  • Expedition to Borneo, by Alice Bond.
    NOLS instructor Brent Raymond and his North American team have just begun a two-month expedition on Mt. Kinabalu (13,455 ft.), the highest point in Southeast Asia.

  • Fitz Roy Massif Enchainment, by Jack Buchanan.
    In February, two NOLS instructors, Dave Anderson and Andrew Chapman, embarked on a climbing expedition to the Fitz Roy region of Patagonia.

  • I Don't Like Spiders, Part I, by Buck Tilton.
    "I don't like spiders and snakes," goes the old Jim Stafford song, a sentiment echoed by multitudes of humans from Alabama to Zimbabwe.

  • Alumni Profile: Bruce Jacobsen, by Tom Reed.
    In 1975, at age 15, Bruce Jacobsen set out on his first NOLS expedition, an adventure course in the Beartooth Mountains...25 years later, he and his wife, Gretchen, made a contribution to NOLS and the Campaign for Leadership of notable proportions.

  • Book Review: Voices of the West, by Alice Bond.

  • Mountain Sense, by Tom Reed.
    When I was 20, I split my head open on a sharp rock on the shoulder of Maroon Peak in Colorado's Elk Mountains. It was one of the stupidest things I'd ever done and I did it to myself...

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