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Fall 2000

  • The Forbidden Climb, by Brady Robison.
    We had heard that there were great rock towers to be climbed in the Kondus, so we were excited at being the first westerners in 18 years to get a chance to climb there.

  • A Life On the Mend, by Kerry Brophy.
    This story spins out into a strange web of coincidences, beginning with a terrible accident, a young man saving another's life, and a string of events that linked them together again.

  • National Outdoor Leadership School teams up with DuPont Cordura, by Matt Lloyd.
    The longstanding relationship the National Outdoor Leadership School has with DuPont recently paid off in a significant donation to the NOLS scholarship program by DuPont Cordura.

  • Product Review: The Stretch Triolet Jacket from Patagonia®, by Marco Johnson.

  • Put this under your tree, by Tom Reed.
    This summer and fall, five things have made my life in the woods just a little bit easier, a little more fun and a little more comfortable. So, if your Aunt Edna asks you want you want for Christmas....

  • Chris Boswell: Alumni Profile, by Tom Reed.
    Today, Boswell is a member of the Wyoming State Legislature... One of only 17 Democrats in a Republican-dominated 60-member House, Boswell goes back to some of the early lessons he learned at NOLS almost daily.

  • Wild Side of Medicine: The Belly Goes Bad, by Buck Tilton.
    The Dirty Devil: remote, magnificent in its sculpted majesty, its hollow cathedrals of soaring sandstone. Too bad the woman, age 22, your responsibility, distracts your contemplation with complaints of "a really bad stomachache."

  • Training Room: Leadership Habits: Do's and Don'ts-Part II, by John Kanengieter and John Gookin.
    In this article..., we look at the common faux pas of leadership that so often can send a group into a downward spiral of development and teamwork.

  • Staff awards 2000.
    Six employees were honored by NOLS this year for their dedication to the school's mission.

  • Mountains, Fast Cars and Philanthropy, by Susan Brame.
    What does a NOLS mountaineering course have in common with endurance racecar driving? At first glance, maybe not much, but NOLS alumni, former trustee, and trusted advisor, Duncan Dayton sees obvious parallels.

  • From the Hills of Africa to the Steppes of Wyoming, by Mara Apple.
    As have most of the people who have come into contact with Charles Ojaji and his friend, Albert Mitugo, part of the growing pool of NOLS instructors from other countries, I have just learned a lesson about perspective.

  • Book Review: NOLS Wilderness First Aid and NOLS Wilderness Mountaineering.

Summer 2000, Special 35th Anniversary Edition

  • Mate, Amigo?: Reflections on working for NOLS in Chile, by Richard Morse.
    A chipped and battered, steaming cup is handed to me. The long bombilla - an incongruously ornate straw - beckons. I close my hands around the tiny tin cup, warming my fingers.

  • Product Review: Say goodbye to the black goo!!!!!!!!, by Dave Glenn.
    Snowpeak and Optimus Nova stoves.

  • NOLS in the News.
    Excerpts from an article in Investors Business Daily featuring NOLS.

  • Solo in Zion, by Camilla Barnes-Kelly.
    Zion is a spectacular series of canyons and sandstone formations located in southwestern Utah. I had been there before. I was patiently waiting to return.

  • Wild Side of Medicine: Chest pain? Difficulty breathing? Evacuate!, by Buck Tilton.
    It is a wilderness course, and you're happy to be a NOLS instructor, but not happy in the least about the young man, tall and thin, who is becoming more and more desperate for air.

  • Training Room: Leadership Do's and Don'ts, Part I, by John Kanengieter and John Gookin
    A look at some of the simple and positive leadership traits that help you accomplish group goals.

  • Scholarship program reaches out to local communities, by Molly Absolon.
    The idea of the committee was to get alumni volunteers to both help raise money for scholarships, and participate in the recruitment and selection of recipients.

  • International headquarters facilities project in full swing, by Eric Keller.
    The NOLS International Headquarters has developed a solution to maximize administrative efficiency, minimize in town operation costs, become even more environmentally responsible, and remain a positive contributor to the Lander community.

  • Coe leads alumniland.
    As Pip Coe begins her new position as alumni relations manager, she has high expectations.

  • NOLS 35th Anniversary

    • Letter from the Executive Director, by John Gans.
      Thirty-five years ago a group of young people arrived in Lander, Wyoming, to embark on the first NOLS course.

    • NOLS 1960's: Randy Cerf, by Tom Reed.
      Dear All, I have run away... I'm not doing this because of your treatment of me, but rather so I could escape the city before I became attatched to it and for the adventure.

    • NOLS 1970's: Redemption, by Kate Dernocoeur.
      My history with NOLS goes so far back that I don't recall the names of most of my fellow students or instructors.... But I had so much fun on the two-week Wind River winter course in December, 1973 that I came back for more.

    • NOLS 1980's: Cliff Sharples, by Tom Reed.
      Cliff attributes much of his success to things that he first learned when, at 18, he enrolled as a student on a spring semester in the Rockies at NOLS.

    • NOLS 1990's: Allen Macomber, by Katie Raymond.
      When Allen Macomber's son convinced him to take a NOLS course in the summer of 1989, he had no idea what he was getting himself into. Eleven years later, he is a NOLS parent, an alumni, an instructor, and most notably, chairman of the board.

    • NOLS Timeline.
      Highlights of NOLS' history from its founding on March 23, 1965, to the present.

    • NOLS Equipment Timeline, thanks to Don Webber and Kevin McGowan.
      From wool everything to plastic boots.

Winter 2000

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