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Posting Positions on the NOLS Alumni Jobsnetwork:

"NOLS provides a terrific service to potential employers and NOLS alumni alike. The common thread- NOLS experience- is a fabulous starting point as we know that potential applicants have received some of the best wilderness training there is."

— Molly Barnes, High Mountain Institute


"The quality of applicants we receive through your service is vastly superior..." — Molly P. St. John's College, Santa Fe, NM. Photo: Rich Brame

Established in 2006, the NOLS Alumni Jobsnetwork is a free, subscription-based email broadcast service. As such, there is not currently a searchable list of open positions. Subscribers see positions when they are broadcast— they come right into their email on the day openings are posted. Positions are re-broadcast about every three weeks, or until the position closes. Subscribers cannot post positions, they must be submitted to NOLS as per the directions below. Select jobs are also broadcast via Twitter— follow "nols_jobnetwork".


We're teeing up an optional, paid premium service for employers that will get your job openings at the top of the daily list, weekly broadcasts to our ~10,500 subscribers and consistent access to our the NOLS Jobnetwork twitter shout-outs. If this interests you, please email us. If you'd rather not use the premium service, no worries, your open positions will still go out with the existing, successful format and schedule.


If you're an outdoor-related employer looking to get your open position(s) out to ~10,500 job-seeking NOLS alumni, here is the information we require in the body of an email (generally in about five paragraphs or less- no images, attachments, pdf's, or fancy formatting please):

  1. Position title.
  2. Name of the employing organization.
  3. State/country/province of primary work location.
  4. Brief overview of organization.
  5. Position qualifications.
  6. Position responsibilities.
  7. Dates of employment.
  8. Remuneration.
  9. Application procedures and deadlines, including a "closing" date.
  10. Contact information for organization, including a name, website, mailing and email addresses (depending on your situation, this contact information may or may not be included in the actual posting— it is for our internal records).

Subscribed job-seekers have told us that the three most important elements they value in this service (in order) are clear information on:

a) the position;

b) the location; and

c) the organization.


Eight years of career-matching experience with the NOLS Jobsnetwork has shown that clear and thorough up-front information lets potential applicants pre-screen themselves, saving everyone much time and effort. If you have several, different positions, please craft the above information separately for each one.


This is s a free service. If you don't supply enough of the above information, your position will probably not be broadcast. You will receive email notification when your position is posted and cycled about every four weeks or until it closes.


Email your position information or questions to the NOLS Alumni Department.


NOLS reserves the right to accept or decline any subscriber or posting. No NOLS endorsement is given or implied to any position or organization mentioned as part of the NOLS Alumni Jobsnetwork service.


Who are the ~10,500 NOLS Alumni Jobsnetwork subscribers?

• 53% are female

• 56% are 23-32 years old

• 66% are grads of NOLS' extended wilderness programs

• 56% have a college degree

• 16% hold advanced degrees

• 35% have NOLS Wilderness Medicine training

• 98.8% find this service valuable


Don't you wish you'd gotten the scoop on these and other outdoor employment opportunities? Go ahead, sign up today. Turn your passion into your profession.


And finally, please help us keep this free service active. Consider donating a few dollars on-line to the NOLS Annual Fund— your aid lets our non-profit maintain and expand alumni services. Thanks, it really makes a difference.



NOLS' wilderness classrooms are big. Really, really big.

Photo: Rich Brame


Tips for Getting Hired in Outdoor Education:

  1. Get the highest level of first aid certification possible.
  2. Get some teaching experience - camps, outdoor clubs, and Red Cross First Aid programs are good places for novices to gain experience.
  3. Write compelling cover letters - do your organization homework and speak in specifics.
  4. Broaden your expertise - climb and paddle, or backpack and study natural sciences, or canoe and fly-fish. Skill versatility makes you attractive.
  5. Use a professional-sounding email address, and listen to your voicemails promptly. You may have switched to a Facebook or text world, but your potential employer probably has not.


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