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NOLS has created two types of mailing lists that allow alumni to communicate via electronic mail, announcement lists and discussion lists. We hope these will allow our alums to stay up-to-date on area happenings and stay connected with NOLS.


To subscribe or unsubscribe first read the NOLS list services policies and guidelines then fill out and submit the form below. All fields are required.

Use the email address to which you want the list mail delivered. You will receive a confirmation email. To complete your subscription request, reply to the email. If you experience difficulties using this form, please send us an email at with a brief description of the problem.

Subscribing will add your email address to the list of subscribers. You can then send messages to the list and will receive messages posted to the list. Messages you send to an announcement list will be reviewed by the list moderator for approval before being posted.

Unsubscribing will remove your email address from the list of subscribers. You will no longer receive messages or be able to send messages to the list.

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Announcement Lists

The Alumni Announcement list was developed to publicize upcoming NOLS Alumni Events. There are a variety of events currently offered by the NOLS Alumni Department. Our programs consist of Alumni Courses, Alumni Trips, Alumni Seminars and Reunions. The Alumni website is a great reference for alums to browse and get complete information about all of these events, but we don't expect our alums to be checking the website every day. The Alumni Announcement list is a venue for the Alumni Department to remind our alums via electronic mail about approaching events and happenings. The frequency of the posted announcements will be based on the schedule of those events--this translates to announcements generally being posted once or twice a month.

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Discussion Lists

The regional discussion lists (e.g., New York City Talk ) have postings covering a variety of issues. These lists are devoted to posting informal gatherings, job listings, people looking for skiing partners, apartments for rent, dinners to attend, bike trips, day hikes, etc. There is more traffic on these lists. They are not moderated and anyone can post a message whenever they want (please be respectful). To post a message on a discussion list send an e-mail to the list name followed by Example:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What lists are currently available?

Alumni Announce
Atlanta Talk
Boston Talk
Canada Alumni
Chicago Talk
DC Talk
East Africa Alumni
Front Range Talk
Gulf States Alumni
LA Talk
Midwest Alumni

New Mexico Alumni NYC Talk
Patagonia Alumni
Philadelphia Alumni
PNW Talk
San Francisco Talk
Southeast US Alumni
Southwest US Alumni
Teton Alumni
Texas Alumni
Twin Cities Alumni
Western North Carolina Alumni
Yukon Alumni

We are planning more email lists for different geographical locations in the future. If you would like to see an email list in your area, please drop us a line at

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To which lists should I subscribe?

If you're interested in: Subscribe to:
Receiving information on approaching NOLS alumni events such as Alumni Courses, Alumni Trips, Alumni Seminars and Reunions Alumni Announcement
Receiving alumni news items in your area the announcement list for your area
Communicating with alumni living in your area or finding out about things to do in your area the discussion list for your area
Communicating with fellow alumni of NOLS Patagonia NOLS Patagonia Discussion
Receiving information on NOLS activities in Canada's Yukon Territory NOLS Yukon Announcement
Communicating with alumni, prospective students, and friends of NOLS Yukon NOLS Yukon Discussion

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How do I subscribe to or unsubscribe from a list?

Please fill out and submit the form at the top of this page.

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What are the policies and guidelines for using a NOLS Alumni list service

Read them here.

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Where can I find more information?

If you have questions about the content or administration of the regional mailing lists or if you have specific questions, concerns or suggestions, please contact the NOLS Alumni Office at: or (800) 332-4280.

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